Who We Are

deepCBDs is a Balance Ambassador with a keen focus on delivering wellness products and well-being solutions to help create internal balance and lifestyle balance. With a deep commitment to diligence, we feverishly research, evaluate and carefully curate a range of quality personal care and wellness products that are formulated from the wonderful hemp plant. We also work hard every day researching reports and trends in the hemp industry and on lifestyle balance to share them in ways that we hope benefit our consumers and the community at large.

Our Mission

  • To inform, not mislead.
  • To build trust, and to keep it.
  • To diversify as we grow.

Our Core Values

As deepCBDs grows as a company, it’s important that we identify and define our core values from which we develop our brand, culture and business strategies. These are the 8 core values by which we live by:

  1. Do the right thing
  2. Ethical, compliant, and transparent practices
  3. Encourage collaboration, cooperation, honesty, and professionalism
  4. Promote healthy work relationships to sustain a healthy work culture
  5. Celebrate one another’s business and personal successes
  6. Balance work with self-care among authentic teammates
  7. Diversification
  8. Support charities when and how we can