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flying with cbd products TSA breakdown

Can I Fly with My Hemp-Derived CBD Product Across State Lines? What Does TSA Say?

A lot of people want to bring their hemp-derived CBD products with them while flying across state lines. But what does TSA say about flying with CBD? Learn more

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Certificates of Analysis: How Do I Read a COA For My Hemp Extract CBD Product?

An interactive guide to reading and understanding a COA for hemp-extract CBD products. The guide features a sample COA for a sample batch of 3500MG Full Spectrum tincture. Simply hover over the displayed number and a pop-up containing a brief description for the selected field will appear.

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cbd coa knowledge

Certificates of Analysis: What Tests Are Commonly Performed on A Hemp Extract CBD Product?

A general overview of what tests are commonly reported on a COA and why each test is important. Bear in mind that which tests are performed vary based on product type, federal and state requirements, and sometimes the testing laboratory.

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reading a CBD certificate of analysis

Certificates of Analysis: Why it’s Critical to Know What’s in Your Hemp Extract CBD Product

A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is key to answering the question of the product’s potency, purity and safety.

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full vs broad spectrum vs isolate cbd

Know the Difference: Full Spectrum Hemp Extract vs. Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract vs. CBD Isolate

A breakdown of the difference between full spectrum hemp extract Vs. broad spectrum hemp extract Vs. CBD isolate.

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